Havit Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

Fantastiskt prisvärt gamingpaket med professionellt gaming-
tangentbord och mus med justerbar RGB-belysning.


- Professional gaming keyboard design, adjustable multicolor LEDhavit_tgb_mse
- 2-level high-strength supporting foot
- 19 anti-ghosting keys, enable free control
- The gaming keyboard can auto sleep if it is not in use for
10 minutes. To reactive, just press any key.
- Switching WASD keys and Arrow keys: Press FN+W to activate /
__deactivate this feature
- Interface: USB
- Keyboard Size:48.45*20.75*3.2cm
- Number of Keys: 104
- Key Lifetime:10000000 times
- Cable Length: about 150cm
- Net weight: 758g


- Micro switches provide crisp, firm clicks
- Magnetic ring + gold plated plug + woven cord assure the accuracy and steady of the optical orientation
- 4 color breathing light of mouse: Red, Blue, Purple, Pink; Light-off mode: forward/back button +DPI
- Interface:USB
- Buttons:6
- Cable Length: about 160cm
- Resolution:800/1200/1600/2400DPI
- Buttons: Forward/back/left/right/scroll wheel/DPI button